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5 Fashion Essentials for This Year's Spring Break

5 Fashion Essentials for This Year's Spring Break

We're almost a week away from the official mark of spring. With this knowledge, many of us are planning to take our relaxing and much-needed spring breaks. Since spring break is right around the corner, you're probably wondering what you'll be packing with you on your luxurious and breathtaking vacation. After all, nothing could be worse than going to a new place without the appropriate clothing! There's a high chance that your spring break is located either on or near a beach. As a matter of fact, US News reports that Cancun is the number one spring break location in the country, with its white sand and exciting nightlife.

No matter which tropical and warm vacation destination you have in mind for this spring break, we've got you covered on what to bring and what to wear. You'll want to caution onlookers beforehand because you'll be looking incredible as you walk on the street. Here are our style recommendations on what essentials you'll need to bring for this spring break.


This is an obvious must! How else could you enjoy the warm sun while you relax on a pristine beach? We recommend bringing at least three different swimsuits if you're going out on the beach. This will make it easy to mix up your swimsuit routine a bit. One extremely popular swimsuit that you'll see nearly every celebrity wearing this year is the quintessential mesh bathing suit. This is the ultimate go-to in swimsuit fashion this year, with celebrities like Christina Milian looking as gorgeous as ever wearing a mesh bathing suit.

Speaking of celebrities and swimsuits, Kylie Jenner was seen channeling her inner Baywatch babe in a red bathing suit. If you want to channel your inner Baywatch babe too, then you'll love our red bathing suit with spaghetti straps. In case red isn't your color, you can opt for other fun replacements such as purple, orange, sapphire, crystal blue, and white.

If doing the old plain one-piece isn't your thing – let's say that you're a fun and wild party animal – you'll be thrilled with our patchwork retro bikinis which come in many alluring patterns. This is a quick and easy way to get noticed while on the beach; simply wear one of these bikinis in your choice of print, and you'll be the center of attention in no time.


Finally – the sun is out and shining as you lay on your pool chair. You've got your swimsuit on and a cocktail in your right hand – the only thing that's missing is a pair of sunglasses. Not only are sunglasses cool, but they're functional, which is perfect for your spring break trip. For an exciting look that's sure to turn heads, you'll be in love with our vintage style sunglasses. We also offer cat eye sunglasses which are flattering to many different face types. No matter which type of sunglasses you pick, you'll be guaranteed to have fun in the sun!


If you plan on heading to the beach, you're going to want to pack your sandals! Trust us, this is a big one. Sand will get in nearly every crevice of your shoes – including right between your toes – so sandals are an excellent and fashionable help. One of the best suggestions we can offer before wearing sandals to the beach is to test them out and ensure that they are comfortable as you walk around; the reason for this is because most beaches need to be walked to, which will cause a decent amount of travel on foot. If you only want to bring one pair of sandals with you, try to find a pair that's comfortable but decorative enough that it can be worn on the beach and during your time out at a club.


What could be easier than simply sliding on a dress for a nice stroll on the beach? Or maybe you're ready to hit up the local nightclub in Cancun. Either way, you'll want to prepare at least three dresses to wear on your spring break resort. It's a good idea to plan at least one casual dress to wear during a more laidback outing, and one fun and attention-grabbing dress if you plan on going to a club. After all, the nightlife while on spring break is unlike anything around the corner of your hometown! We highly suggest our sequin dress with long sleeves for a night out at the club. It'll definitely keep all eyes on you while exuding a taste of class and elegance. As far as a casual dress goes, we're all about the fit and flare look.

A Jacket

Believe it or not, we strongly suggest bringing a light jacket with you during your spring break vacation. This might not seem obvious at first, but it can get a bit chilly at night if you're close to the beach! You'll be thankful that you packed your light jacket with you to go over your casual dress while you walk barefoot on the marble white sand and count the bright stars in the night sky. When choosing a light jacket to wear during your trip, try to find neutral colors so that they'll match effortlessly with any outfit you choose.

Depending on the length of your spring break vacation, you might choose to bring more or less of these fashion pieces. If you were to stay in your vacation destination for at least a week, for example, we'd definitely suggest three dresses, swimsuits, a light jacket, at least one pair of sunglasses, and at least two pairs of sandals – one for the beach and one for the club. Additionally, you'll want to plan out your adventure and dress accordingly. For instance, if you don't enjoy the club scene, then there's no need for an extra "clubby" dress.

While spring approaches us, we hope that you enjoy your time basking in the sun during your vacation! Make sure to take plenty of selfies while on the shore and to create lasting memories while looking incredibly fabulous.


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