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5 St. Patty's Day Styles That'll Win the Leprechauns' Seal of Approval

5 St. Patty's Day Styles That'll Win the Leprechauns' Seal of Approval

The short month of February has finally come to an end. Although we'll miss the romance of this quixotic time which quickly passed us by without the blink of an investigative eye – such as the multi-colored rose bouquets, the diamond-engraved charm bracelets, and the over-expensive dinner reservations which come along with our beloved frosty (yet flirty) February – many of us are absolutely awestruck over the anticipated springtime season swaying into our scenery.

With March amongst us currently, we can anticipate and enjoy all that this lovely month has to offer. With the arrival of spring, we can expect budding flowers and reasonably-distributed sunshine, which is sufficient enough to show off our latest and most fashionable pair of heart-shaped sunglasses. It's a wonderful time with excellent weather, which makes it easy for us to embrace – or plan on updating – our inactive wardrobes as its necessity for such will "spring" into our lives. March is also a fan favorite for anyone who is of Irish heritage or enjoys tossing back a beer or two (or seven, or eight, or even an entire case for the dedicated hardcore types). That's right – Saint Patrick's Day is in March, and you can bet a pot of gold that you'll want to enjoy this magical time in style.

If you've made any awesome plans to celebrate Saint Patrick's Day with your friends – whether it's an intense beer crawl or you're inviting guests over to taste your cleverly crafted green cocktails – you'll be thankful to dress the part. To obtain a look that is not only green but fashionable, we've compiled a list of looks and styles that'll make you smile.

Number One on Our List: Our Recommendations for a Fancy Saint Patrick's Day Outing

Have fancy plans on Saint Patrick's Day? Maybe you have a friend whose wedding date just so happens to be on March 17th and you want to celebrate both her special day and your favorite leprechaun-inspired holiday. Or maybe you have a dinner date with a charming Irishman in the city. Whatever the case might be, you'll adore our green satin dress which has Saint Patrick's Day written all over it. This dress is beautiful and features a fun yet classy element to it. With its fun and asymmetrical silhouette, you'll be the life of the party as you attract attention due to your enviable fashion skills. Green and satin are two perfect choices for Saint Patrick's Day, so make sure to get your hands on this dress! It's also perfect for any night out at the club.

Our Second Recommendation on Our List: Adding that Subtle Yet Appropriate Splash of Green

Do you want to add a subtle touch of green this year instead of going all out? After all, maybe you're not much of an attention-seeker, but you want to allow others to know that you truly enjoy the festivities that take place on Saint Patrick's Day. That's perfectly understandable. To add this touch of Saint Patrick's Green into your wardrobe on March 17th, we highly suggest our fashion scarf with jewel pendants in either emerald or traditional green. This gorgeous scarf combines the look of a scarf tastefully with an array of pendants. You'll be pleased with this subtle Saint Patrick's Day fashion accessory, and you'll be able to wear it in the future for other purposes.

However, if you're looking for a more festive and flamboyant Saint Patrick's Day accessory, you'll absolutely love our velvet ribbon choker necklace in green. This adorable choker necklace is the perfect addition to any outfit and will provide that hint of green you're looking for to celebrate Saint Patrick's Day.

If green isn't your color – or maybe you simply don't feel your best in it – you can always opt for a different kind of Saint Patrick's Day accessory. Our charm bracelet which features a four leaf clover is quite a suitable substitute for the typical green found on Saint Patrick's Day.

Number Three on our List to Celebrate Saint Patrick's Day in Enviable Style: Festive Tops

To celebrate Saint Patrick's Day in a way that is guaranteed to turn heads, our lace-up top is definitely a perfect choice. This top is long in length and is very visually stunning. If you're attending a bar crawl with your friends this Saint Patrick's Day weekend, this lace-up top is very appropriate. You'll look stunning and impressive! You can wear this top with a pair of ripped jeans or even a pair of leather leggings. Don't forget to put on a pair of your favorite green heels or over-the-knee combat boots for a look that can't be beat! You'll be a force to reckon with in this ensemble.

Number Four on Our List for the Enthusiastic Saint Patrick's Day Fashionista: Fitting Work Attire

If you want a classy look that's perfect for the office, our green lace shirt is a great choice! This shirt can be dressed up or down according to your setting. As we mentioned, it's perfect for the office, which means that you can add a blazer to it and work slacks. You could even take it a step further by adding some fancy green heels, especially if they have glitter!

On the other hand, you can dress this gorgeous green blouse down by adding a jean jacket and some comfortable pants. Just be weary of wearing sweatpants, unless that's one of your fashion trademarks amongst your circle of friends. You could even wear a pair of sneakers to continue this captivatingly casual look. This is another good outfit idea for a bar crawl, especially one in a major city that involves a lot of walking!

Fifth on Our Saint Patrick's Day Fashion Recommendations: The Sultry, Undeniable Sexy Ensemble

For a sultry look to present this Saint Patrick's Day, you can wear a solid black dress with our S.Romance green and black heels. These shoes are truly unbeatable when it comes to finding heels that work for Saint Patrick's Day. They're not only gorgeous, but they truly exude the essence of Saint Patrick's Day with a sassy twist! You could wear these with jeans and a fancy top. One again, these killer black and green Saint Patrick's Day style heels are a force to be reckoned with.

So there you have it! In addition to your wardrobe, don't be afraid to add a fun green wig, whether it's made of human hair or synthetic, and don't forget to decorate your face with green eyeshadow or lips. One commonly recognized trend to follow on Saint Patrick's Day are long green beans reminiscent of the ones tossed about during New Orleans or to even apply some leprechaun, four leaf clover, or rainbow stickers on your face. It's always a ton of fun to dress up for this holiday, but please make sure to drink responsibly considering this holiday highly encourages a surplus of alcohol consumption. Until then, have a great time deciding on your Saint Patrick's Day attire, and – as always – may the luck of the Irish smile upon you!

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