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A World Journey to Make Essential Oils

A World Journey to Make Essential Oils

If you love to use essential oils in a diffuser, then you may wonder where your essential oils come from While it varies some by the manufacturer, you can easily go on a trip around the world to learn where the plants used in making essential oils grow naturally. 


You would need to hop on a plane to France to see most lavender that is used in essential oils growing naturally. Head to the Provence region in the spring, and you will see lavender growing in fields with rows stretching on for miles across the gently rolling hills. Once it blooms, most manufacturers boil the entire plant in big pots of water. The steam is collected to make the essential oil while the plant parts left after boiling and a small amount of the water is used in spritzers and room diffusers. Putting some lavender essential oil in a diffuser is a great way to calm anxieties. 


Peppermint is grown in many locations around the world, and the essential oil made from it is a little different depending on where the oil is produced. You can jaunt to the Pacific Northwest to see peppermint growing commercially. Washington state produces about 3.5 million pounds of peppermint oil annually. American peppermint essential oil contains about 50 percent menthol, but you will need to board a plane for Japan to get the really good stuff as their essential oil contains about 80 percent menthol. 


Lemon essential oil is great for cleaning your home naturally, and it can also be put in a diffuser to help kill germs. While you can find lemon essential oil made from lemons grown in Mexico, you will need to head to Sicily, Italy to find the best lemon essential oil. Lemon essential oil can be made by distilling the fruit peel or by using a cold press. If you want your home to smell like a lemon grove, then use oils that have been made using cold press techniques. On the other hand, if you want your diffuser to last longer, then use those that have been distilled. 

While you would have to travel around the world to find the best ingredients to make your own essential oils, you can get a great room diffuser from Solace Connect.
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