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Capri Pants: The Perfect Pant For Any Season

Capri Pants: The Perfect Pant For Any Season

Winter, spring, summer, or fall- it can be hard to determine which pair of pants to wear for which season since the weather can be quite unpredictable from day to day. Particularly during the spring and fall months, it can be chilly in the morning and then scorching hot by mid-afternoon.

So what do you wear on days when you just don't know how the weather will be? The answer to that question is capri pants. Capri pants offer the perfect length between shorts and trousers. They keep you cool in the hot weather and warm in the chilly weather and provide just enough coverage to make them the ideal pant for any season.

What Qualifies As A Capri Pant?

Capri pants are generally defined as pants that are not quite as short as shorts and not quite as long as trousers. They typically hit midway between the knee and ankle, although they may shorter- hitting right below the knee, or longer- hitting right above the ankle.

Also referred to as three-quarter length pants, crop pants, clam-diggers, or even flood pants, capri pants are versatile in that they can be rolled up and down, depending on which length you desire. This is great for those crazy weather days when you might want them rolled down to the ankle in the morning and rolled up to mid-calf for the afternoon.

The History Of The Capri Pant

Capri pants have been around since 1948, when designer Sonja de Lennart first brought them to the forefront of the fashion industry. They peaked in popularity in the 50s and 60s, but are still very much an in-demand article of clothing today.

The name capri pants stems from the island of Capri, located in Italy. Style icons like Audrey Hepburn, Mary Tyler Moore, and Sally Field made the capri pant a must-have for women around the globe.

Styling The Capri Pant

You can dress up or dress down a capri pant very easily. For a more relaxed look, pair denim capri pants with a tank or t-shirt. Dressier looks may call for linen capri pants with a flowing, patterned top. You can even wear capri pants to the gym if you purchase a fitted style made from cotton or spandex.

Our website offers a variety of capri pants that are sure to add chicness and versatility to your wardrobe.
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