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Sweater Vs. Sweatshirt: What's The Difference?

Sweater Vs. Sweatshirt: What's The Difference?

When you want to stay warm on a cool day, you'll likely reach into your closet for a long-sleeved shirt. There are several different types of long-sleeved shirts, two of which are sweaters and sweatshirts. What's the difference between these two closet staples and where did they originate? Read on to find out.

What's The Difference?

Sweaters and sweatshirts both keep you warm and protected from the elements, but it's the way they are made that makes these two garments different from each other. Sweaters are either knitted or crocheted from some type of yarn, often leaving space between each row of fabric- although you may not be able to see the space, depending on how tightly the fabric is knit together.

Sweatshirts are made from a large piece of fabric- generally cotton or polyester- which is then cut into a sweatshirt shape and sewn together. Because it's cut from a single piece of fabric, there are no spaces or holes in the sweatshirt.

Sweatshirts are often more casual attire, whereas sweaters may be formal enough to wear to work or events where a business-casual dress code is enforced.

What's In A Name?

The sweatshirt has the word "sweat" in it, although you may not always sweat while you wear one. Many sweatshirts have a distinct knit on the underside of the shirt, called a "loopback". The word "loopback" comes from "loopwheel", which was the machine traditionally used to knit sweaters before they started being manufactured in factories.

The loops on the underside of the shirt are meant to absorb sweat while it's being worn and to pull it away from the body, thus keeping the body cool. It's ability to absorb sweat led to the shirt being called a sweatshirt, a term that's still used today.

Sweater And Sweatshirt Style

Sweaters and sweatshirts come in all different colors, designs, and sizes. Sweaters have made a big comeback in recent years with the popularity of "Ugly Sweater Parties" surging. Sweatshirts are a staple at any fitness center and are also ideal for running errands or just lounging around the house.

You'll find dozens of sweaters and sweatshirts on our website that are perfect for all sorts of occasions- from "Ugly Sweater Parties" to a quick trip to the grocery store. Consider picking up a few to add a comfortable upgrade to your wardrobe.
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