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Cabin Fever: How To Beat Those Winter Blues

Cabin Fever: How To Beat Those Winter Blues

Even though Punxsutawney Phil didn't see his shadow- in essence predicting an early spring- most of us will still endure at least six more weeks of winter. By February, the winter blues have officially set in, leaving many to wonder what they can do to beat cabin fever. The good news is, we've rounded up plenty of ways to make the most of the remaining winter months. Before you know it, spring will be here and you'll be looking back fondly on all of the wonderful memories you made on those chilly days. 

1. Visit a local museum. Once high school is over, many of us don't give another thought to all of those history, science, math, and art lessons. What better way to reminisce than to visit a nearby museum that offers visitors a chance to learn new things through a variety of exhibits. 

2. Take in a movie at a theater. With so many movies available through streaming services, visits to the movie theater have declined. Still, there's nothing quite like delighting in the smell of freshly-popped popcorn while being immersed in a movie experience that only a theater can provide. 

3. Embark on a brewery tour. Wine tours are a popular spring and summer activity, but brewery tours are perfect for the colder months as they are mainly held indoors. Many breweries also make non-alcoholic ciders for those who prefer not to drink so it's an ideal activity for everyone. 

4. Sign up for a cooking class. Winter means hearty meals which warm you up from the inside out. You might be a pro on the grill but not quite the kitchen connoisseur you wish you were. What better way to learn some new kitchen skills than by taking a cooking class? Many restaurants, home stores, and even grocery stores offer cooking classes on a weekly basis. Find a menu that makes your mouth water and then have fun acquiring new culinary skills. 

5. Get active indoors. Maybe you're an avid runner during the warm weather, but the cold has you burrowed up inside under the covers. You can still get your heart pumping despite the cold in a variety of different ways. Consider going ice skating, to a trampoline park, an indoor golf range, or even bowling. Take the kids along to get them active, too. 

6. Jump start your spring cleaning. Some tasks can't be completed until the warm weather hits, but why not get a head start on the ones that can. Ideas include sorting through filing cabinets and totes, purging dressers and closets, washing overlooked linens like curtains and comforters, and organizing toys. You can donate whatever items you don't need anymore, leaving you with a clean home and a happy heart. 

Whether you're a lover or a hater or being indoors, these ideas will keep you busy until it's time to break out the garden tools. Spring is less than two months away- hang in there!


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